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From a millennial heritage, Yoga is a discipline that involves us in our totality, whose intent is to unite and create harmony between body, energy and mind.

Yoga is first of all listening: receptivity to the tensions and fragmentations that accompany us every day and that in this gradual opening dissolve, allowing us to rediscover an inner space in which we are lulled by the rhythm of our breath.

We therefore allow the body in tune with the breath to remember its instinctual strength, flexibility and endurance, and the mind to regain its balance and quiet clarity.

What kind of Yoga do you teach?

In almost 20 years I have practiced many styles of Yoga, focusing in particular on Vinyasa which connects movement and breath in fluid sequences, because for me it is very close to dance. Today the type of Yoga I teach can be defined as Hatha Flow, with elements of Vinyasa Krama.
But beyond the technical labels for me Yoga is first and foremost listening, feeling and energy.
Each lesson is born from you students present in class, it adapts to your needs and your bodies, so that each Yoga class is a profound and harmonizing experience for you.

How does a Yoga class take place?

It starts with a moment of concentration together, to connect to our breath and body sensations. We then move on to movement sequences focused on asana, the traditional positions of Yoga, in a slow and harmonious flow in connection with the breath.
Each lesson will include different sequences to stimulate some particular energy points and thus move and stretch the whole body.
Each lesson ends with a moment of final relaxation and meditation, to integrate the journey through the asanas into our awareness.
Depending on the class, pranayama exercises (breathing technique) or mantra meditations (formulas for concentration and mental flowering) can be integrated.

Are there any physical prerequisites?

Absolutely not: Yoga is first of all connection with our breath and harmonization with our body. Unlike other sports disciplines, in the practice of Yoga the main focus is to adapt the positions to the body of those who practice them, and not to force the body into unnatural positions. By inhabiting that sacred space in which we are present to the movement, we feel the work of the body but at the same time we can relax in it, the practice of Yoga finds its most regenerating expression.

How should I dress for the class?

Wear comfortable clothes, if possible loose and soft, in natural fabric, so as to allow the skin to transpire and the body to feel comfortable. Bring a small towel with you if you want, and a blanket for the relaxation phase during the winter months.
The mats will be provided by Casa Magò, but if you have your own you can bring it with you.
We will practice barefoot, on an empty stomach (preferably at least 4 hours after the last main meal, to avoid nausea during the practice).

Porta abiti comodi, se possibile larghi e morbidi, in tessuto naturale, così da permettere alla pelle di traspirare e al corpo di sentirsi a suo agio. Porta con te un piccolo asciugamano se vuoi, ed una copertina per la fase di rilassamento durante i mesi invernali.
I tappetini verranno forniti da Casa Magò, ma se ne hai uno personale puoi portarlo con te per la lezione.
Praticheremo a piedi nudi, a stomaco vuoto (preferibilmente almeno 4 ore dopo l’ultimo pasto principale, per evitare nausea durante la pratica).


Yoga is a universal discipline, everyone can practice it to find harmony between body and mind.
With Barbara at Casa Magò I was able to better appreciate this practice. It is like a gift that I receive from Barbara at every lesson and that Barbara in turn has received from her teachers.

Francesca, Yoga student

Whenever I practice with Barbara, I feel a profound sense of happiness that is apparently unmotivated.
I close my eyes and I begin the practice with Barbara’s voice that through my breath guides me along an intense journey, different every time and exciting.
One cannot explain, one can only live.

Cecilia, Yoga student

Practicing Yoga at Casa Magò I finally found the center and inner balance in the tornado of life.

Erica, Yoga student

Giving ourselves gifts is a way to love ourselves, the more we love ourselves the more we can love the world, life and others.
The Yoga class at Casa Magò is a nice gift that I often have the pleasure of giving myself.

Vladi, Yoga student

The teacher

Hi, I’m Barbara, aka Lamia. I am a dancer and teacher of yoga and dance.
I help people of all genders and ages to cultivate well-being that comes from deep inside.

I believe that the traditional and experimental arts of yoga and dance have the power to transform our life from within, helping us to recognize Beauty inside and outside of us.
For more than 15 years I have taught and danced in over 20 countries around the world, sharing my passion for movement arts and facilitating an harmonious relationship with our body, mind and nature.

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