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Dance style that blends elements of Eastern and Western dances, with particular reference to Middle Eastern and North African dances (united under the acronym MENAHT: Middle-Eastern, North-African, Hellenic, Turkish), Indian and theater- contemporary dance, the Fusion Bellydance dance is an eclectic cauldron of influences that embraces artists from all over the world, each with its own particular research and personal expression in a continuous contamination and evolution.

In my particular approach, Fusion Bellydance offers the wonderful possibility of moving the internal space of our body, so linked to emotions, through movements that are sometimes serpentine and fluid, sometimes energetic and vibratory: all the energy of the body moves to the rhythm of the music! The emphasis placed on the belly, the source of life and deep emotions, allows us to recover that connection between our center and the space that surrounds us, as if we were moving in the water.

How does the class take place?

We always start with a slight warm-up, which can sometimes also include a part of strengthening and stretching. We then move on to the technical part, with particular emphasis on posture and isolated movements of the body (head, arms, chest, abdomen, hips, legs and hands), to then study the characteristic movements of this dance. Finally let’s put it all together and dance!
At the end of the lesson we always dedicate some time to stretching.

Is it a solo dance or a group dance?

Both: solo and group. For solo dance my particular method places a lot of emphasis on improvisation and personal expression, being able to bring out from each student their own particular style of movement: the technique learned during the lessons thus becomes the means to create their own dance, like widening one’s “palette” of movements in order to be able to paint freely!
Improvisation is also essential for group dance, but in this case it will be a structured group improvisation: we will study specific movements that will form our common vocabulary, with which we can play and dance together.

Is it a dance for women only?

Absolutely not: it is a dance for all those who wish to explore their femininity, understood as fluidity and sensuality, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, religion or food preference 🙂
At Casa Magò we are LGBTQIA + friendly! You are all welcome to explore the divine within each of us.

Are there any physical prerequisites?

Belly dance invites you to celebrate your body, regardless of form and physical preparation. It is a soft and harmonizing approach to movement, a way to recognize our beauty and flourish inside and out.


The classes at Casa Magò are a sweet motivation to discipline! Barbara knows how to accompany you, she is a complete and expert teacher: an essential stimulus to find one’s autonomy in the study of dance.

Zuela, Fusion Bellydance student

I took the Fusion belly dance class with Barbara and I had a great time! Feeling your body with the sinuous movements of this dance is a cuddle that every person should indulge in. Barbara is a very competent teacher and patient of yours, and she knows how to make you feel comfortable. Casa Magò is a small welcome jewel in the center of Palermo. Highly recommended!

Laura, Fusion Bellydance student

The teacher

Hi, I’m Barbara, aka Lamia. I am a dancer and teacher of yoga and dance.
I help people of all genders and ages to cultivate well-being that comes from deep inside.

I believe that the traditional and experimental arts of yoga and dance have the power to transform our life from within, helping us to recognize Beauty inside and outside of us.
For more than 15 years I have taught and danced in over 20 countries around the world, sharing my passion for movement arts and facilitating an harmonious relationship with our body, mind and nature.

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